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Walked in as a newbie in a small consultant office, Melody started her place as a director’s assistant. She worked with several colleagues and bosses from various backgrounds.

That’s when she met this Russian guy, a guy with a small figure, always speaking in low, and calm tone, not handsome. But he’s quite a gentleman. Day by day, they became friends. The guy live in another city but always has plenty of reason to take Melody home safely with his red car.

One day in June, they’re finally dating.

At first, they’re happy.

Having their dreams together with plenty of plans, planned, of having family together, buying a house, having their road-trip together with the red car. Even their parents and the family have known each other.

Years gone by, Melody thinks that they love each other, but eventually the guy has lost interest in Melody. He’s taking his distance with having his master’s degree. Not quite long after that, Melody heard from one of his friends that at the guy’s house they are having some engagement party, but he’s not invited.

Melody finally knew that her boyfriend was going to get married to some of his master’s degree friends, and just like that. They broke up.

They talked for the last time in his red car, crying over the zillion moments and times that they’ve had together, but that’s it.

That’s the end.

Melody realized that: If it’s not meant for you, then it’s not meant for you.




An administrator, a freelance cook and a tale-teller.

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Tropical Thoughts

Tropical Thoughts

An administrator, a freelance cook and a tale-teller.

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