The Unconditional Love

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Since I was a child, I wasn’t really close to my father, it’s because of his work as a sailor, he traveled a lot around the countries, that’s why I and my mom could only meet him once a year in every six months.

Until I’m fifteen, I was closer to my mother, who until the end of her age, always takes care of me. But, whenever my dad’s at home, he always took care of me, play Super Mario on Nintendo, fight a lot over a remote and sing along, with my mom, the three of us can dance and karaoke with our Bon Jovi’s albums for whole day. Both my mom and dad are my best friends.

There aren’t many memories I can remember about being with my parents. In fact, all I can remember is the story that I had to cry so much because my mom has to be a professional cook in my relatives house and my dad has to sail to China for almost three months.

Both of my parents worked very hard for the family. For them, ensuring that their family are met with their needs of clothes, food and shelter and that their children can get a proper education is a form of their love. It took me a long time to understand all of that. There are days that I spend jealously because seeing my friends were being escorted and picked up by their parents, while I don’t. It takes time for me to accept that is the language of my parents love.

My parents are typical parents who are very protective. They try to control who their children’s friends. During school, they even checked my class hours and schedules. They will send me a message make sure that I must’ve returned home on time.

Now that I lived at my parent’s house again, that habit has changed. Sometimes I missed their attention. Whenever I leave the house, I make my own way to reporting where and who I am going with. Back then, there was this time that they don’t sleep until I come home after hang out with my friends, I often get annoyed, but now I missed being their overprotective loving child.

I’m really thankful for having them, whose always accompanying me through my difficult times and always there for me whenever I needed them, with their unconditional love. When I look into my parent’s eyes, I know that is the purest love I can find on this earth. I wish I can be the best daughter for them. Through all the goods and bad, I will always love them till the rest of my life.




An administrator, a freelance cook and a tale-teller.

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Tropical Thoughts

Tropical Thoughts

An administrator, a freelance cook and a tale-teller.

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